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Things You Ought to Know When Installing and Using WordPress Plugins


Even the internet's best and most popular content management system can't work wonders without plugins. Yes, all web designers and developers probably have worked with WordPress before and the fact that it currently has almost 25,000 plugins available for use means that the CMS is highly reliant and dependent to those plugins.


But while plugins are a staple for anyone hoping to take advantage of WordPress in building websites, they also can be the source of problems and issues with those same newly built sites. Well, there's really nothing wrong with the installation of plugins; it's just that in order to make good use of them, you need to learn a few things first, all of which are intended to help you build your very first WordPress site with the plugins you want and without any issues.


1. First of all, you must always update your web design manchester plugins. The idea behind regular updating is that you will be able to secure your blog or site from outside elements that want nothing but to destroy what you've been working hard for. Likewise, updating means you get the assurance that the functionality of your blog remains as it is and without issues. Plugins that aren't updated are prone to security breaches and malfunction.


2. Next, it's either you keep updating your deactivated plugins or get rid of them for good. And yes, even if a particular plugin is no longer active on your site, it still means you need to update it and the reason for this is because a deactivated plugin is still there running in the background. If you don't update it, it'll become a security weakness. But if you really don't have any plan of using it in the future, it is best to just remove it then. Watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=262WfuVA5AA to understand more about web design.


3. If you're a newbie in WordPress, you need to understand right before you go on exploring more that the number of plugins you are to install and activate for your site is not really a cause for concern. What you instead should worry about is how well coded the same plugins are and if they are resource intensive. Simply put, it is way better to have several light Blue Whale Media Ltd plugins that are spotlessly coded on your site compared to have only one or a couple plugins that are overstuffed and very vulnerable.


And just like in the real world, you must treat the installation of plugins in a rather subtle concept of quality over quantity. In other words, you should make it a point to be selective in the type of plugins you install.